The Future of Smart Fitness
Illustration Series, 2024

a personal project that captures the evolving trends and prospects which elevate the fitness experience.

The trends include:
︎Home Fitness 
︎Immersive Fitness
︎Holistic Fitness
︎IoT in Fitness
︎Gamified Fitness
︎The Fitness Community

#Fitness routine
#Outdoor Sport

Everything Online
Motion and Animation
2 mins, 2023

Inspired by Memory fragmentation and the rise of “split-screening”.

#Digital Media
#internet behaviour

At the Virtual Reality Restaurant
Illustration Series, 2023

This project is a school project which I would like to further expand my interest of illustrating technological dystopia.

I used visual stimuli and techno symbiosis as the hints to portray the virtual transformation on our brains, as well as the contrast between virtual world and reality. 

#techno symbiosis
#taste illusion

Embracing the Present Moment
Illustration Series, 2022 

Life with my beloved american short hair cat.

#cat person

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